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Master my 5 online courses and become an certified website engineer

For $10 face value per pre recorded 2023 year video course and if need ebooks it's $12 per ebook per course and you will understand how to make an website entity and take payments if you take all 5 courses and it's $30 face value per class for live pre schedule appointments instructor course's and help if you don't understand. E-books on each subject if you take live instructor course's cost $8 face value each course. Paid courses and buy all ebooks you get 6 years free of instructors help. Lifetime instructor help can be paid monthly after the 6 years free at a rate of $8 face value per month and be listed on my portfolio after the 6 year payments start. International accreditation organization by E'Waucu nation. Scholarship available for anyone earning less than $20,000 face value per year USD index or have current year active voter registration card. E-mail for scholarships application!

5 Course's names below !

You will master basic HTML !

You will master advanced HTML !

You will master CSS !

You will master basic CPANEL !

How to use e-commerce tools for taking payments from customers !

E-mail address is:

E-mail address is:

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